Branan Murphy Releases New EP Better King

Branan Murphy Releases New EP Better King

Branan Murphy has released his new EP Better King (DREAM Records & Paravel Records) to all digital retail outlets.  The North Carolina native teamed up with producers Eric Ramey, Justin Amundrud, Kyle Williams, TBabz and David Spencer to create his best work yet.  Branan started releasing songs from his EP earlier last year when he debuted his first single “I Will Wait” that saw a Billboard Top 10 Hot AC / CHR single from it.  Since, songs like “Good”, “Bored (feat. Byron Juane)”, and his ever #1 Billboard Hot AC / CHR single “This World Is Not My Home” have broken new ground for the artist.  Now, with a new bass driven pop single “Better King” and an Afrobeat remix by TBabz that features Oba Reengy, the EP sets the stage for what’s the come with Murphy.  Branan shares his heart behind his new EP.

Branan Murphy Releases New EP Better King“To be honest, this EP kind of snuck up on us. I was writing songs in the middle of a pandemic, trying to respond to all that was happening in the world and all that was happening in me, and these songs just feel like they fit together. If anything, I think the times we’ve been living in have been a revealer. I have been able to see what’s true about myself in ways that I wouldn’t have otherwise. I see how much being dependent on God is what I was made for, how much joy there is in that dependence, how control is a mirage, how life is best when I just let Jesus be king instead of myself. This whole EP is me remembering who I am and who he is, and how that allows me to have the most freedom and the most joy in this really crazy and challenging world we find ourselves in right now.” – Branan Murphy

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