New Music: Allissa - Stranded

New Music: Allissa – Stranded

Allissa’s new single Stranded is out now. She shares, “I wrote “STRANDED” during a time when I felt completely alone and abandoned. It doesn’t get more lonely than being stranded in space, so that’s the imagery I wanted to portray in this song. I want people to be able to feel and visualize the vastness, darkness and hopelessness of that situation.

This song was my realization that “I am completely alone in every way, and I don’t want to be”. It’s a cry for help to be rescued and brought back to safety.

Alone is more of a feeling than it is a reality. You can be surrounded by a crowd of people and still feel lonely. So if that’s you, I’ve been there too. But I want you to know that you are never truly alone. The God of the universe hears you, and sees you, and cares about you! And there are people out there who do too! I pray that this song gives you some sort of comfort and makes you feel a little less alone!”

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