The Protest Show Up to the Showdown with Killer New Single - The Protest Release “Show Up to the Showdown” as Lead Single From Newly Announced Death Stare EP - The Protest to Release "Show Up to the Showdown" July 23

The Protest Show Up to the Showdown with Killer New Single (Review)

Midwest rockers The Protest are back at it with a killer new single “Show Up to the Showdown.” It’s heavy, catchy, and pays hommage to the arena rock they all grew up with. It begins with heavy guitar and bass hits interspersed with a fun and syncopated drum beat. This gives the song forward momentum. The chorus explodes with energy, and is full of sweet guitar riffs. Aside from being your new favorite summer anthem, “Show Up to the Showdown” has a fantastic message that is perfectly illustrated by the (hilarious) accompanying music video.

Much like in all of our lives, each of the band members face a challenge. There’s a (water) gun fight, a basketball face-off, an arm wrestling match, and even a dance off. When these challenges are faced as individuals, the guys end up being defeated. But it’s when they come together as a team that they are victorious. We were never made to face this life alone. God wants us to bring our A-game and show up to whatever showdown we might be facing, but He always provides us the strength and courage and support that we need to persevere.

This is a great song full of positive energy and fist-pumping moments. We’ll be sure to show up for whatever new music The Protest releases next (*cough* Death Stare EP, 8/27 *cough*!).

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