Trevor Talks - The Untold Story of Crowder

Trevor Talks – The Untold Story of Crowder

Crowder shares an honest look at his life’s story in the latest episode of the Trevor Talks podcast.

The worship leader is still fresh off the release of Milk & Honey, his third album to top the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart. In his appearance on the Trevor Talks podcast, Crowder shared a little bit about the process of writing a monumental album while in quarantine. He also took listeners into a rare look behind the scenes of his childhood, which he spent in rural Texas.

“We lived out in the country, wound up with a bit of land that had horses and cows,” Crowder recalls. “It was a great childhood. My parents were super devout in their faith.” 

Although he remembers days when the money was tight, he looks back on his childhood without regret. Crowder remembers starting to help his insurance agent father when he was as young as 11. However, it would ultimately be the piano lessons his mother pushed him into that would lead to his decades of serving the church through music.

“There’s a deeper level of satisfaction that I get when I feel I’m serving a function for the church. It’s like, who’s going to bring the casserole dish on Wednesday? I feel like what I’m supposed to bring is [music],” Crowder shares.

That’s the kind of mentality that propelled him into his role with Passion in Atlanta, where Crowder continues to serve. It carried him through his transition from the revered David Crowder*Band and into his own solo work. And it continues to drive him as he begins to bring the new album Milk & Honey back out on the road. 

“It’s really amazing that I get to do this,” Crowder reflects. “Not only that I love music, but that I get to find the fulfilment of knowing I’m put together in a particular way, and I’m using the way I’m put together to aid in the story of the gospel being understood and appreciated, shaping how we think about one another as well as God. All through music! It’s really amazing.”

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Source: Transparent Media