Video Roundup - Hide and Seek

Video Roundup – Hide and Seek

Pull Up with Derek Minor, Greg James, Thicc James and join in this game of Hide and Seek. Derek Minor’s got the wardrobe changes down.

5ive’s hiding place is a Masterpiece

There are always those Defiant Ones who refuse to be found, right Joshua Luke Smith?

Hannah Schaefer is one of those and vows to Stay Here Forever (I Touch Heaven)

Chances are you won’t find NEEDTOBREATHE either…

Spoiler Alert – You can find Matthew Parker at the Martian Party. But can you find Irwin the penguin in the video all 3 times?

More spoilers – S.O.’s in the Corner

Can’t find Rubi Green? It Is What It Is…

You can find Trampolines and Matias Ruiz Upstream

Alive City couldn’t decide where to hide but they say it’s Clear Now

V. Rose won’t be joining in though, she’s got Better Things To Do. We’ll let her off if she lets us go for a spin in that cool vehicle!

Mat Kearney says I Don’t Really Care either

And that’s the end of today’s game of hide and seek. You can find more videos in our video gallery here.