Jemimah Paine Announces New Single 'Friend'

Jemimah Paine Releases New Single ‘Friend’

Friend: At the start of 2021, producer and songwriter Feranmi Ogunseyinde (Fez) and singer-songwriter Jemimah Paine collaborated to write ‘Friend’, a song about Jemimah’s journey that speaks to her musical past and how she has seen God’s faithfulness through the highs and lows. The whispered, layered vocals create the feeling that the listener is eavesdropping in on a conversation that Jemimah is having with God. The chorus describes how even when we make mistakes and hit ‘ground zero’, God is always there, not only to fall with us but also to lift us up and out of any difficult place we find ourselves in. Jemimah says: ‘It took us two hours to write this song from start to finish and I love the honesty that this song begins with. I love the simple electric guitar melody that is played in the pre-chorus which flows beautifully into the chorus. Fez is such an incredible songwriter and producer and it is always a huge honour to be able to work with him!’

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