Will Allen: Are You Ready For Me Now?

Will Allen: Are You Ready For Me Now?

Artist Bio:

Plymouth-born, Indie-Pop artist Will Allen started gymnastics at the age of 6 and was soon travelling the country to compete against the best. At the age of 14, Osgood-Schlatter’s disease shattered Will’s Olympic dreams but this opened a new door to him. To deal with his pain and loss, Will picked up his guitar and started to sing in church. Now studying Architecture in Bath and working with his team of producers, Will writes songs that help others deal with their pain.

UK Lockdown One gave Will and his team the opportunity to produce his Debut EP Dreamer, which encouraged his listeners to dream big and find value in themselves. Continuing with this momentum, his second EP Running Through The Storm will drop later this year with his first single Are You Ready? Out on the 28th of May.

Are Your Ready? (Song Description):

“Are you Ready? Is the story of how I came to find my voice, and I hope it encourages you to find yours. Looking back to my school days, though I didn’t see it then, I was terrified. I was the smallest in my class and felt like I had a lot to live up to with high achieving older brothers. Being a Christian, I didn’t really fit in, I was lost in the middle, and I learnt to keep quiet and work hard. At university, I was free! I found people like me, I gained confidence and started to figure out who I was meant to be. Blessed though I was, I felt like I needed to earn my place at university, and so once again worked myself dry; forgetting why God had put me there. I soon realised (through a tragic incident- another story in itself!) that we’re not made to be self-centred, we’re made to love others; and I found freedom in that too! My music isn’t about me; it’s about God, it’s about my friends, it’s about you. What’s your story? What’s your voice? Are you ready to share it?” – Will Allen

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