Carlos Rising’s new single “Shut Up” is a danceable and fun slap in the face to the Devil

Have you ever wanted to tell someone to just SHUT UP? Whether it’s your fear, anxiety, the people around you or even the Devil, sometimes we’ve just had enough. There are plenty of songs out there about this subject matter, but they are mostly slow, intimate worship ballads.

Carlos Rising’s new single, “Shut Up” anthem dedicated to those who are looking to face their fears, insecurities and haters in a fun, uplifting and groovy way. Whether it’s telling the Devil to “Get behind me” or seeing yourself worth, It’s guaranteed to bring a smile to the listeners face.

Being initially recorded in a small loft space in Frankfurt Germany while on holiday, it was inspired a lot of the EDM drum samples and keys patches. Over months of remote recording sessions across states and countries, it finally finished up production in the States. Stylistically it pays homage to: Prince, Vulfpeck and Other funk giants with funk guitar and groovy sax. It’s a fun song to dance to and it has a great positive message. You can listen to “Shut Up” on all streaming platforms.

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