Famos Amos Drops Independant Debut Album Unplanned Lessons

Famos Amos Drops Independant Debut Album Unplanned Lessons

“Just turned 18 this year, stressing about things I can’t see. Graduated, things still not clear, too many things I can’t be” -Struggles

Has anyone else felt trapped in the era of quarantine? For those taking advantage of the time we are in, it’s either a moment to cool down and lay back, and for some it’s a moment to challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone. For Famos Amos it seemed to be the latter. Famos’s album “Unplanned Lessons” is a breath of fresh air in the CHH community. With his new record Famos takes a new approach to hip hop in his song “sniper” a tense, evolving ballad about battling inner demons and ultimately needing Jesus to guide us through it all.

Famos doesn’t have any trouble being himself on the song “Dirty Jordans” accompanied by ruggo. This song is about liking what you like, and being unapologetic for who you are. “I like my Jordan’s dirty if they’re 1’s or 4’s, Imma wear em like that till I’m on the Forbes”

After his first body of work ”Famos Amos The EP” Amos decided that he needed to go in a different direction. He realized that everything needed to be at the highest possible quality he could make…so he brought in reinforcements.

On the title track “unplanned” and the last track “Better days/Lesson” a producer by the name of Wundr. offers his world of sounds to accompany Famos. They connected because they had a mutual respect for each other’s work and they wanted to make something amazing and that’s what they did. The triumphant track “Better days/Lessons” is an inspirational and conclusive track to the album that just shows the best of their two worlds.

Famos also felt like he needed to beef up the album release with a merch run. Following the standard of high quality no matter the cost, Famos drops some inspired merch pieces that he designed himself. Not only do the designs look intriguing, but he is very particular about the fabrics and the fit of the product. With his biggest inspiration in fashion being Jerry Lorenzo of “fear of god” you can guarantee he’s going to deliver on some quality merchandise.

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