Audio: Roy Tosh - Cry Out ft. Quinten Coblentz

Audio: Roy Tosh – Cry Out ft. Quinten Coblentz

Roy Tosh drops his new single Cry Out featuring Quinten Coblentz and explains the song’s meaning, “When life gets difficult, sometimes we feel helpless; like we’re drowning. It is here we must realize no matter how dark things look, we are not alone! God is an ever-present help in the midst of the worst circumstances. As we cry out to Him, we are reminded of His voice, through His Word, which brings a fresh perspective to whatever we face.”
“Well I thought it was a good fit that you’re on a dirt road, riding through a dry area. Sometimes we forget the importance of crying out and bringing ourselves before the Lord. He brings the water to our dry soil. The rain. So the icon in the bottom right is a rainbow which represents his promises to our rain, our tears and running to him” – @andrewrgale_

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