Above Only Rocks with Listen Friend

Above Only Rocks with Listen Friend

Above Only is back with another single, and it is killer. It’s a fantastic song with a powerful message, and rife with thrilling guitar riffs. “Listen Friend” has a bit of a mellower start, with just subdued guitar and vocals, but it quickly starts building, adding more guitars and driving drum beats until the song kicks in with an impassioned start. It begins with the chorus, the singer crying out for a friend to share their burdens with. Everyone has struggles in life, but when someone feels so isolated and alone in their struggles, it can lead them down a dark and dangerous path.

The bridge especially drives home the song’s message, lamenting that sometimes the hardest part of reaching out and grasping for some help is when that hand gets pushed away. Oftentimes, people feel like they need to have the perfect words to say, or do just the right thing, in order to help a hurting friend. But those who are consumed by darkness and depression just want to know that someone cares. The simple gesture of listening might just be enough to save someone’s life, and offer them the glimmer of hope they need to begin climbing out of the pit.

Coming out of the bridge, there is a searing guitar solo, which only adds to the passion of the song. Throughout, the bass provides a solid foundation, the syncopation of the drums keeps things interesting, and the vocal harmonies are sweet and satisfying.

“Listen Friend” is a deeply poignant and relatable song, with a message that is so needed right now. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that it is an absolute banger. With a single like this, we can’t wait for the full length release this year or next.

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All it takes is a smile, a head nod and/or a hello. Look around you. See someone struggling? Reach out to them. See someone being left out? Include them. See someone’s scars? Listen to them. Remind them that you care. Tell them they are loved, that they DO have a hope and a future, that tomorrow holds the answers to today’s problems. Encourage them to keep fighting. Arrange to meet up with them again later, or in a few days and do something fun. Have lunch together or something. Most of the time they don’t even wanna talk about it all, they just want to be included. There’s no lonelier place than being isolated and trapped in one’s mind. Keep an eye out and be someone’s light today.

Don’t feel qualified to do so? Just be brave and go for it, you’ll soon find out you are. If they do need to speak to someone professional, here’s the numbers to call…

America’s suicide prevention hotline – 1-800-273-8255
England’s – 116 123

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