GodFrame Releases Hello Jesus 2 Album

GodFrame Releases Hello Jesus 2 Album

Atlanta-based Christian hip hop artist and producer GodFrame releases his 6th studio album, “Hello Jesus 2,” the sequel to his 2018 project, “Hello Jesus.”

“I thought I’d never get this album out” he says. “I made the bulk of it in 2020, and there were so many days – weeks really – that would go by without me touching my computer at all. I was just empty and didn’t have any hope. But the way God used these songs to give me hope encouraged me to keep going because I knew someone else would need them too.”

Newly signed to Good City Music’s sync division, GodFrame explains that the self-produced album contains some of his most personal and vulnerable songs to date. “I’d never struggled with doubt until a year ago, right when I was in the thick of making the project. There was so much calamity in 2020 with the pandemic, social injustice, and Black friends of mine leaving the faith, it really shook me. I’d never agonized over my own mortality – and what happens after I take my last breath – until last year. There were many nights I’d just cry myself to sleep, wondering if any of this was real. But the funny thing was, I’d still be praying to God – about the fact that I was having trouble believing in Him, haha. He just showed me over and over that He was present, even in my doubts and fears, and that He was walking with me every step of this journey.”

When asked about the challenges of writing, producing, and recording an album during a pandemic, GodFrame reveals that it wasn’t as difficult as one might expect. He says, “When the world shut down, nothing really changed about how I made my music, thankfully. I’ve been making beats in my bedroom and recording vocals in my closet since day one, so I didn’t have to pivot a whole lot. Collaborations got tricky for a second, but we worked everything out using tools like Zoom and Google Drive. Lots of emailing files back and forth, haha.”

GodFrame hopes to give his fans something they can enjoy for the summertime with upbeat songs like “Look What He Done” (feat. Mykiiie and L. DeJuan), “FRMRZ Anthem,” and “Don’t Wanna Fly” (feat. Solachi Voz), but he also wants to remind them that their real hope is in Jesus. He says, “Life has a funny way of smacking you around when you least expect it. It’s in those times where we need to run and dive head-first into the arms of our Savior. Psalm 145 tells us that He’s near to all those who call on Him. We just have to be humble enough to open our mouths.”

Hello Jesus 2 is available now everywhere music is sold.

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