Getting to know Michael Beach - Michael Beach is Hungry to Make a Difference

Michael Beach is Hungry to Make a Difference

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Michael Beach recently released his debut album Hungry. It’s a fun album to listen to, and full of inspiring and thoughtful lyrics.

“Here Now” kicks off the album and is a great way to start. The track has a bit of a mellow start, with an intro of sorts of soft flute tones. A moment later, the bass and beats kick in. Michael Beach’s voice passionately proclaims his mission: God has broken the chains holding him down and redeemed him from his past mistakes. This gives him the drive to profess the good news of what his King can do.

Next up is “God Loves You,” a calming and encouraging track. It begins with a gentle female voice reassuring the listener that God loves them and hears them, and encouraging them not to give up. God created us to have relationships, but oftentimes in this world those relationships can lead to heartbreak. God has someone out there for us, someone who also loves Him and will be perfectly equipped to love us as we need. We will reap the harvest of a faithful life if we do not give up, for He never gives up on us. Throughout the song, there is a lyrical keyboard melody, adding to the warmth of this track.

Title track “Hungry” starts with a bit of a jazzy piano lick. The drumsticks dance on the hi-hat to keep the beat. A moment later, the bass kicks in, along with Michael’s voice, declaring that those who hunger and thirst for righteousness are blessed. It is evident that this is the mantra of someone whose life has truly been changed by God’s redeeming love. Michael is clearly not ashamed of his Savior, and he wants to see others’ lives changed as his was.

Along these same passionate lines is “Look What Jesus Did.” This is a song about the transforming love of Someone who loves us despite our flaws, and wants to see us succeed though we keep falling and failing. How can we not shout out about what Jesus has done for us when He loves us like He does? This track has a fun and funky beat that will have listeners cranking up the volume.

“Can’t Stop Can’t Quit” has a heavy beat that will get listeners moving. The lyrics further speak of Michael’s passionate mission to bring the Gospel to those who so desperately need it. This is good news that will set the captives free. “Sunny Day” is a little more mellow and melodic. Throughout, there are sparkling piano notes dancing above it all, like the first rays of sunshine breaking through the dark of night. This reflects the message of the song, that no matter the struggles we go through, God, in His perfect loving mercy, gives us one more sunny day. No matter how dark the night is, His mercies are new every morning. How can we not be thankful and give him praise?

“Walk Around Heaven” sings of the loss of a loved one (in Michael’s case, his mother), and the longing for the day when we can be reunited and walk around Heaven together. Michael’s voice is full of emotion, and the music is ethereal and heavenly. The album ends with “Walking By Faith,” and it’s the perfect way to wrap things up. This song sums up and reinforces Michael’s absolute trust and faith in God, and reminds us that God is always faithful to lead us, even when we can’t see the path ahead. All we have to do is take the next step, and God will continue to lead.

Hungry has great lyrics, and Michael’s faith is inspiring. While his enthusiasm and compassion for people come through, some more time could be spent honing his craft to produce an album that is more musically solid and complex. With some improvements, he has the potential to become a wonderful artist capable of reaching many people.

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