OTC & Brightline are Down with the Lonely in new videos

OTC & Brightline are Down with the Lonely in new videos

Two of the latest mission bands from Manchester, UK based The Message Trust, OTC & Brightline, are Down with the Lonely in their new music videos.

OTC’s latest single down draws on all 3 band members experiences of moments in life they’ve been lost, hurting, hopeless but Jesus has picked them up! The music video is a celebration of this, using symbolic images of water and its cycle to show the ups and downs of life. But in it all Jesus is constant!

Following the release of their 2020 single ‘Purpose’, Brightline enter into 2021 prepared and ready with a brand new track called ‘Lonely’. This upbeat, poppy track could easily have you dancing the night away but if you stop to listen to the lyrics, they’ll hit straight to the heart of where so many people around the world have felt this past year and still feel now – lost, alone and hopeless.

The band’s hope is that for the 3 minutes and 5 seconds that people hear this song, they feel heard and start to know that they are not alone.

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