Getting to know Michael Beach - Michael Beach is Hungry to Make a Difference

Getting to know Michael Beach

Michael Beach is a Hungry youth worker and Christian hip-hop artist based in Florida. Listen to our interview with him below to get to know him, his testimony & mission, the role Christian music can play in youth groups and more about his debut album Hungry.

More About Michael:

Michael Beach was born and raised in Defunaik Springs, FL. He is the youngest boy of eight children and has nurtured a passion for gospel rap since a young age. At the age of 13, he found God and began his musical journey. He utilizes his music to glorify the name of Jesus. Seeing many hardship in his youth, such as losing a friend and love ones and seeing the hold that drugs and street life had on those around him, lead him to use his gift to help people choose the right path, Christ. He first had to take that journey himself. Michael Beach had struggles of his own, chasing the streets to fulfil his soul. But with God’s help he was headed down the wrong path and headed straight to hell, so he made a life changing decision to follow Christ. Through his music, you can feel the pain, the heartache, and the joy his life has brought him. He does the music for the broken; the ones that feel like there is no hope. Winning souls for the kingdom is his priority. Today, he has a wife and a son and he continues to preach the Gospel through his music so the world can see that Christ can save any body and use anybody. “People need to know Jesus and he gave me this gift to tell my story, to tell them that there is a better way. Why wouldn’t I tell the world about a man that can set a sinner free.” Michael Beach

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