Audio: Movement Worship Collective Release 'Christ Crucified' Single for Easter

Audio: Movement Worship Collective Release ‘Christ Crucified’ Single for Easter

Movement Worship Collective have just released their latest single “Christ Crucified.” The song tells the story of Easter as a modern hymn, from Crucifixion all the way to Ascension. The catchy melodies, driving guitars and biblically rich lyrics help to draw the listener into a posture of worship.

“Christ Crucified was created through a collaboration of musicians and songwriters to tell the story of Easter. We pray that as you hear the song, that it stirs your heart to worship Him and that you may come to know Him more.”

Movement Worship Collective is part of the Movement family. We are always looking for ways to engage, equip and empower people to be all that God has called them to be and the MOVEMENT WORSHIP COLLECTIVE is part of that commitment: writing, recording and releasing original content that helps to resource the Church & individuals in worshiping Him.

Movement Worship Collective aims to worship God in an authentic way, singing and writing songs that come from their relationship with Him and the overflow of what He is doing through the Movement family.

We love to worship God, we want to see Him glorified.

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