Video: Allissa - Inside Out

Video: Allissa – Inside Out

Allissa releases the official music video for Inside Out.

Allissa says, “Writing music has always been my way of sharing my story undercover. Looking at me from the outside, you would assume my life is just one big sparkle. Unless you were literally inside my mind/body (hence the graphic autopsy procedure metaphors lol), no one would ever fully understand the things I have gone through and how it has impacted me. I know now though that keeping my music to myself doesn’t help anyone. I have to use my voice and share my story so that other people going through something similar can feel a little less alone. I want everyone who hears my story to know there is so much HOPE and GOODNESS on the other side of their pain, and if they just keep holding on, they will see it too! Thank you to all of my ALLISSA-ners! ? I so much appreciate everyone who has listened, shared, and supported me and my music! It’s not easy to be vulnerable, but it’s SO worth it! ?

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PS. I approve of the ‘ALLISA-ners’ comment!