Rich & Lydia Dicas Release New Album 'Find Rest'

Rich & Lydia Dicas Release New Album ‘Find Rest’

Rich & Lydia di Castiglione are UK-based worship leaders and songwriters. They have written and released songs such as ‘All Things New’, ‘Kingdom Come’ and ‘With Me’ as part of the KXC Worship collective. Their new album ‘Find Rest’ out today is a collection of quiet songs for weary souls – all written, recorded and mixed at home during lockdown. They live in Tunbridge Wells – Rich has also been UK Director for David’s Tent since 2018. 


‘Find Rest’ is a new album of quiet songs for weary souls. These songs are drawn from streams that we stumbled into as we walked through the valley of 2020. 

There are songs that process grief and lament all that has been lost (‘My Saviour & My God’, ‘Come Home’). There are songs written under the shadow of job loss and learning to trust in the Lord’s provision in a radical new way (‘Don’t Be Afraid’, ‘God is Our Provider’).

We also uncovered some old wells from our childhood history with God. ’The Skies All Resound’ is a new translation of a beautiful Dutch hymn that was one of Lydia’s favourites as a little girl (‘Daar Ruist Langs De Wolken’). ’To Be In Your Presence’ is a new version of a Noel Richards song that Rich remembers from some of his earliest memories with God. 

The theme that punctuates the album is the mystery of God’s presence. The truth is that God’s presence isn’t just an atmosphere that shows up at particular moments. Jesus promised “surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age” (Matt 28:20). His presence is the living reality of God who walks with usthrough pain and hardship. And our response is worship, thankfulness and a prayer that he would open our eyes to see him and recognise his nearness (‘To Know You’re There’, ‘Constant Creator’, ‘Alpha & Omega’).

Our hope is that this album serves as an invitation for everyone who is feeling discouraged or weary to come and find rest in the open arms of Jesus. It’s a call to find comfort and renewed confidence in these truths:

‘He is patient when we’re restless
He is gracious, he is kind
Cast your burdens onto Jesus
Let him fill you with his life
He’s not anxious for your future
He’s redeeming what is past
He’s not troubled by confusion
Let him lead you by the hand
Find rest, weary soul
In the open arms of Jesus
Be made whole…’

We wanted to keep the arrangements as simple as possible – these are stripped back songs for a stripped back season. Everything was written, recorded, mixed and mastered at home. It’s honest, imperfect and a little ragged round the edges. 

These songs have been a lifeline to us over the last 12 months. Our prayer is that they can be a blessing to you too.

‘Find Rest’ is out today, Friday 19th March

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