Audio: Man of FAITH - Always On Time ft. LaeLae

Quick News 26 – Arrivals

Man of Faith’s arrivals are Always on Time and his new arrival featuring LaeLae on Friday will be no different.

Austin Lanier’s Ghost appears March 26th. Presave here.

SVRCINA is coming in sideways with a new story on the same date. Head to Gate I(nstagram) for the rest of the picture.

Keep your eyes on K.Murray’s arrivals board for Through My Eyes’ arrival.

“No Greece arrivals” would be disappointing to hear in an airport but “No Grease arrival” is exciting to hear on a website so…erm…No Grease will Swoope in on Friday at midnight.

Don’t leave Brightline feeling Lonely and be there in time to pick them up when they land on Friday.

If you do happen to be feeling Lonely yourself however, keep on hoping; the new music video from Riley Clemmons will be arriving at Gate Y(ouTube) shortly…

We probably shouldn’t mention “set your wings on fire” here but Santti, Diskover & Matthew Parker have arrived from Phoenix.

And last but certainly not least, a LWO flying new track will be coming in to land soon.