Jesus is Riding Shotgun in Trampolines' Rambunctious New Single

Jesus is Riding Shotgun in Trampolines’ Rambunctious New Single

We’ve got Jesus riding shotgun here at JesusWired (as our name suggests!), have you?

Trampolines, made up of husband and wife duo Lane & Cary “Chameleon” Terzieff, have released their fun and rambunctious new single and video ‘Shotgun’.

Shotgun is “A song about walking through life with Jesus by your side and a music video that felt like just what we all needed after 2020. We weren’t sure who would show up but it seemed like we had someone from every walk of life and political background. All of us came together for this party anthem that says Hey! Me and my friends and Jesus have fun and are in this thing together. We also didn’t want to portray that Jesus was a quiet white guy who never rocked the boat. We believe he looked more like this dude hanging out the window blessing people and kickin’ it with the wildcards. If that sounds strange to you then check out the Holy Bible here for more information on Jesus: Thanks for checking out SHOTGUN and let us know how we can pray for you in the comments!” -Lane & Cary from Trampolines

Miss Trampolines’ first ever interview as a band with yours truly? Well grab some popcorn, a drink, click play, sit back, relax and enjoy getting to know Lane & Cary’s hearts.

Get SHOTGUN (the song, not the gun!)

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