Join the Christian Rock Volunteer Network Facebook Group Today!

What do you need to put on a Christian rock concert? A venue that can handle all the needs of the show is one. Enough money to cover all the costs of the show is another. Even another need is volunteers to cover all the duties of the day from set up to take down to keep the concert going.

Most of us don’t have the venue and money. We contact churches and venues hoping to find someone who does have these things in hopes one of them is interested in booking our favorite bands. So unless any of us has good connections with a good venue source, feelings of hopelessness can arise when requests go unheard.

God gives us everything we need to complete the tasks he has planned for us to do on this earth. One thing you still have at disposable is yourself. Yes, you! There is still one need that anyone can work to fulfill for concerts in their area, volunteers!

Christian Rock Volunteer Network is a newly created Facebook group meant to fulfill that need. The hope to is help make a few more shows happen that a struggling with that volunteer piece of the puzzle to make the event happen. The hope is for this network of people to be nationwide.

What this group needs now is you! If you are ready to answer the call for concert volunteers join today. Article and group photo was taken by the super talented Chad Fenner.

Join the Christian Rock Volunteer Network here.