Rock News Roundup 48

Rock News Roundup 48

Hey rockers, let’s find out this week’s news in the rock world!

Skillet is going on tour with Jordan Feliz and Colton Dixon for the Drive In Theater Tour! Check here for their post about it! Tickets are available tomorrow at 12 PM EST.

Amongst Wolves made a post celebrating the en-clay-gement of Mark and Clay! Congratulations guys! We wish you two all the best. Click here to view the post and to wish them congrats.

Andrew Stanton is writing a new song with The Persuaded! Check the post out here.

SȲNS is releasing new music on April 9th!! Check out their post about it here.

Ocean Dark came out with their song “Fallen”, including a music video for it! Some lyrics include “Our broken lives and broken land need healing more than ever. Is there someone out there, who can hear this cry?” Check it out below! I absolutely love the feel to the song.

Failing Grace came out with the song “No More Chances to Repent” with a DIY Music Video! Check it out below and get ready to headbang to it!

3 Days Under posted a very encouraging testimonial. I hope you all take this to heart and see how amazing God is! He will use any situation and make it into something wonderful. Check out the story here!

And that’s all for this week! I hope you enjoyed reading this article. I will be back with another rock news roundup next week!