New Music: Hannah Schaefer - Crown

New Music: Hannah Schaefer – Crown

Hannah Schaefer begins the build to her sophomore album Crown with the release of the title track. She had the following to say about Crown.

“From the moment I walked into the writers room, this song came together very smoothly. I think some of the best writes are that way.

I told @nickschwarz5 my ‘heavy is the head that wears the crown’ concept and we ran with it. At the beginning, it was a song directed to others, but it soon took a different turn and became a more vulnerable song directed at myself.

At my pride.

At all that I felt was holding me back from being enveloped by Gods unconditional love.

It was Nick’s idea that steered this song towards the concept of surrender. I can’t imagine “Crown” being anything other than what it is now. THANK YOU, Nick, for sharing your talent with me and the world!

Praying that this song brings everyone’s hearts closer to Christ, like it does mine. ?

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