BRM drops new track today called "NF & HILGY"

BRM drops new track “NF & HILGY”

BRM has released a new single entitled ‘NF & Hilgy’.

“I remember watching one of Hilgy’s videos like 5 years ago and was super impressed! He was a local rapper right down the street from me. I reached out to him and we built a relationship. Made some music together. I was in my own little bubble and when i met Hilgy he introduced me to other CHH artists in the area. When i got out of my own little bubble that’s when I started to learn, grow, and improve!!! He was the one who taught me to try things with flow patterns, dropping video’s to songs and freestyles, and other gems. He was even the one who introduced me to NF! Nate had the Epic beats, passionate lyrics, and energy i loved. These two guys showed me you could express emotion, real life, and still point to GOD with your lyrics and delivery. I took things I heard and tried to mold it into my own sound! Which i believe i have done … but these two inspired me and for that … i give them their ROSES!!! Thought this was important to share … you don’t always see people give credit to others in their own space.”

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