NXT Move Signs Christopher Syncere
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NXT Move Signs Christopher Syncere; Eastside Hero Released

Christopher Syncere, NXT Move’s latest signee, is as cultivating as it gets. With a heart for the gospel and immaculate storytelling, the central Florida based artist is poised to create monumental moments this upcoming year.

After the release of “Mama”, a standalone single the artist released in 2018, our team knew we wanted to be apart of what he was doing. His ability to create a narrative assisted by an eccentric delivery highlighted the potential we saw initially. We’ve watched Christopher’s journey going on 4 years at this point. We’ve been raving fans from afar, decision was a layup to get behind his vision of what he’s aiming to accomplish.

After developing a relationship with Christopher, we noticed very quickly his passion for this generation. He’s definitely a needed voice in the times we are in. Seeing an artist so young, yet so intentional is inspiring. We are honored to experience the humble beginnings of something so great on all spectrums. Christopher Syncere is just getting started.

He kicks things off with his new single Eastside Hero out today.

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