Lucas Hoge's New Sunday Sessions Album Available Now - New Releases - 1/22/21

New Releases – 1/22/21

Rock & Metal

Remedy Drive – Imago Amor (album)

Odds of an Afterthought – Curtain Call


BrodieDaVinci – Harmony (album)

The Real Nilla – Burning Bridges

Legin – Sometimes

Hog Mob – Made Men ft. Dymond, Zaydok & Fonz Carter

Christopher Syncere – Eastside Hero

Saint James x Lundi – Wages

Deacon D.A.S. – Two by Two ft. V. Rose

Nu Tone – Bars of Hope ft. Q-Flo, Prodi da Prodigal

Pop & Electronic

Branan Murphy – This World Is Not My Home

Unsecret x Sam Tinnesz – Never Stay Down

Adult Contemporary & Worship

Cochren & Co. – Don’t Lose Hope (album)

Lucas Hoge – Sunday Sessions (album)

Sean Curran – Ways (Acoustic)

Keith & Kristyn Getty – My Worth Is Not In What I Own (At The Cross) ft. We Are Messengers