Rock News Roundup 41

Rock News Roundup 41

Hey rockers! Let’s see what is happening in the world of rock news this week.

Convictions wrote a teaser post about the release date of a new song they are coming out with! Check out their teaser post here.

Ledger’s song “My Arms” topped Egypt’s number one spot on their charts! Take a look at Ledger’s post about it here. If you have not heard the song yet, you can check it out here. Congrats Ledger!

FaithHead is releasing their new EP “Born Again” on February 10th. Pre-save here now! You can see their post with more details here.

Switchfoot has announced that on January 31st they will be doing a livestream performance from Petco Park in San Diego. This livestream will be at 5 PM PST and you can get your tickets now here. Check out their post about it here.

The Midnight Wedding has released their new song “Enforcers” with a lyric video and it definitely lives up to the hype! The lyrics of the song are chilling and compelling. Some of those lyrics are “You claim the name. Put on the face. You guard the gates. Choking out the flames of faith.” Also, fans of Disciple will recognize Kevin Young’s guest vocals on this song. Check out the song below!

Undefeated shared a teaser video of something that is being released this Saturday! Check it out here and start getting excited!

Relent is gearing up for something that will happen on January 29th and teasing their fans about it! Check out their post here and be prepared for whatever it could be!

If you read last week’s rock news roundup, you know about Amongst Wolves’ new song “Voices”. If you haven’t listened to the song yet you can go to their spotify playlist here. The lyrics and message behind the song are so important and I hope you all take the time to hear the song. If you want to hear more on the message behind the song, watch the video below! #ChooseToLive

And that is all for this week’s rock news roundup. I hope you all have a great rest of the week and remember to take a breath and remember that God is in control. He can handle whatever is happening in your life and He loves you! See you back here next week!