Jonah (KJ-52) Reflects on One Year Ago on new Kickstarter Project - Video: KJ-52 - One Year Ago ft. Whosoever South - Video: KJ-52 - One Year Ago ft. Whosoever South

KJ-52 Reflects on One Year Ago on Return Kickstarter Project

A year ago I was praying for a miracle, back against the wall with nowhere to go, about to lose it all but I didn’t know

KJ-52 is back! One year ago he released his final album Victory Lap and officially retired the KJ-52 name. While he was still releasing some music and doing some features under his legal name Jonah, KJ-52 was done, he stopped touring and took up a position at a church, all just before the pandemic hit. But God had other plans! As Jonah/KJ-52 says in the Kickstarter video “But like anything, I found myself starting to write songs about everything I saw that was going on in the world, everything that was going on in my life, and everything I saw going on in people I love’s lives. This collection of songs became this project that I wanted to bring to you guys one more time, it’s called One Year Ago.”

The rest of the Kickstarter video and information can be seen here, as can all the cool rewards you can get in return for pre-ordering the new project (including a bonus remix cd for most of the packages).

Interlaced throughout the Kickstarter video is clips from the music video for the lead single and title track ‘One Year Ago’ featuring Whosoever South. That single and music video will be released this Friday, January 15th.

The Kickstarter is already over 100% funded in just a few days but there’s still time to get your pre-orders in before it ends in the early hours of January 26th.

“One Year Ago” (tentative track listing)

  1. Born Day ft. Dre Murray
  2. One Year Ago ft. Whosoever South
  3. Aint nothing ft. Alcott & Mitch Darrell 
  4. I Believe ft. Bryan Trejo 
  5. Blessings > Problems
  6. Rise ft. Sakena Martin 
  7. Sign of the Times ft. Solo of Gospel Gangstaz & Teron Carter of Grits 
  8. Faith > Fear ft. Anomaly 
  9. We Gone Make it

Listen to Faith > Fear off the new album below, and a couple more songs on the kickstarter page here.

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