Immanuel Boie's Sand Art Set to Flyleaf & Lauren Daigle's Music is Spectacular

Immanuel Boie’s Sand Art Set to Flyleaf & Lauren Daigle’s Music is Spectacular

If you’ve ever seen a sand art performance before you’ll already know just how powerful it can be, especially when it’s set to the right song. Immanuel Boie is a sand artist and in the lead up to Christmas he released two videos of his performances, one set to Flyleaf’s Christmas song and the other set to Lauren Daigle’s Light of the World. We’re aware Christmas is over but these videos will still move you!

Immanuel says, “To me: one of the most touching songs for Christmas. As a sand artist I use to create shows and videos when I’m asked to. This one is different. I especially like Lacey Sturm’s voice and the real emotions in her songs. Usually she uses her voice to growl and scream a little more, but she knows when to hold back a little 😉 As a rocker/metalhead, I had the opportunity to perform bombastic songs with orchestras, and once I performed with Jerusalem, one of the rock bands of my youth. But during lockdown… I had a lot of free time to spend on my favourite show: Sand, Rock, and Metal passion. The story of mankind, the deceiver and …the Redeemer. An intense show with 40 different fragments of rock and metal songs, well known and some hard to find…”

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