ICYMI: Christmas 2020 Recap - Jenna Parr, Faith Head, Rhyan LaMarr & Tasha Layton

ICYMI: Christmas 2020 Recap – Jenna Parr, Faith Head, Rhyan LaMarr & Tasha Layton

Still consumed by the Christmas spirit? Refusing to believe it’s over and take a step forward into the new year? Here’s 4 songs & videos released last Christmas we wish we’d have had time to promote here on the site to help you.

Rock artist Jenna Parr is one of the latest artists to cover the ever popular Mary, Did You Know?. And, no, that’s not a badly worded question. It’s a fact and the music video can be watched below as proof. [Get the song here]

Faith Head released their new Christmas single Run Run Rudolph and you can listen & get it below.

As the tough year comes to an end, curator-artist-producer, Rhyan LaMarr brings a timely but familiar message of hope and light within the darkest of times. Fusing together R&B, Gospel and Hip-Hop in an uplifting and honest portrayal of celebration. Aiming to bring joy during the holiday season, in the middle of so much loss during a global pandemic. LaMarr still manages to bring truth and realism all while still uplifting listeners through music. “I Still Believe” which features Don Benjamin, Caleb Taylor, KC Wavey and Jack Red, addresses living through the pain to still find hope and celebrate another day.

The single appears on his dual single Christmas EP A Red Guerilla Christmas. Get it here.

Last but certainly not least, Tasha Layton presents her heartfelt rendition of her song Comfort & Joy. Just listen to that voice!! [Get the song here]

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