The Grizzly Awards Opens Submissions for Second Year Celebrating Faith-Based Rock and Metal

The Grizzly Awards Opens Submissions for Second Year Celebrating Faith-Based Rock and Metal

The Grizzly Awards is gearing up for their second annual year of celebrating faith-based rock and metal by opening a form for artists, labels, and management to submit their music for nominee consideration. They’ve also launched a special opportunity for artists to get their music heard with the brand new COVID-Trax Contest.

Anyone associated with music who would like for their work to be considered can submit it by following the form at Submissions are welcome from independent and under the radar artists as well as the industry heavy-hitters. Anyone who released music between January 1 and December 31 is qualified, and the submission window will close at midnight on December 31.

“We’re so excited to find ways to make our second annual awards even more inclusive of the underdog than the first time around,” The Grizzly Awards team shares. “We learned so much through celebrating this incredible community with our inaugural year. After a year of hardship where the unrecognized, unsupported rock acts have often been hardest hit of all, our goal of championing the outcasts and forgotten feels more critical than ever.”

As part of that mission of expansion and inclusion, The Grizzly Awards has launched the COVID-Trax Contest, inviting musicians to produce a song specifically for use in The Grizzly Awards. The guidelines are to produce a song that is entirely original (not a parody), center on a positive message, and include references to one or all of the following phrases: “Here’s to You,” “Grizzly Nation,” “2020,” “accolade” AND/OR “award,” and “covid” AND/OR “coronavirus.”

The winner of the songwriting competition will be featured as part of The Grizzly Awards special, and will also get a voter’s seat on The Grizzly Awards industry panel (the panel that helps determine the winners). The top 5 submissions will be released on The Grizzly Award’s social media pages. You can find more details here.

This year The Grizzly Awards will again be livestreaming the winners during a special evening meant to celebrate the industry as a whole. The Grizzly Awards are helmed by industry professionals with shared decades of experience, including Joel Burris, Cindy Blankenship, Mary Nikkel, and Justin Forshaw. The inaugural awards special aired on April 1, 2020, and has amassed close to 20,000 views. You can learn more at,, or

Source: The Grizzly Awards