Benny DiChiara Continues His Healing Journey With Empowered's New Music Video, "Three Days"

Benny DiChiara to Appear on ‘Bill Martinez Live!’ Tomorrow in Celebration of Christmas Single, ‘We Three Kings’

After a momentous fall hallmarked by chart-topping releases and music videos, multi-talented singer, songwriter, and motivational speaker Benny DiChiara and his band, Empowered, are riding the momentum straight into the holiday season with the release of their take on the classic “We Three Kings” and an appearance on the popular, nationally syndicated radio program, Bill Martinez Live!, Wednesday, December 9, 2020, from 11:32 a.m. to 11:58 a.m. EST.

Fans can listen to the Bill Martinez Live! interviewonline at, as DiChiara talks with host Bill Martinez about the impact of their latest release, Three Days, as well as the story behind the band’s powerful new rock rendition ofthe beloved Christmas classic, “We Three Kings.”

“I am so blessed and humbled to be on the Bill Martinez Live! radio show!” says DiChiara. “Jesus is moving, and I’m just trying to watch to see what He is doing.”

“We’re also excited to have this national opportunity right after having released our new Christmas single, ‘We Three Kings,’” DiChiara continues. “As the world gets dialed into the birth of Jesus at Christmastime, I truly feel that God has lined this up for such a time as this. So excited!”

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Empowered’s version of “We Three Kings” is already receiving critical acclaim.

“I love the powerful new spin Empowered puts on ‘We Three Kings,'” says Mikey Howard (Love Journey Music, 7eventh Time Down), who also produced the band’s Three Days album. “From the punchy drums and the rocking guitars to the cinematic strings, I feel every beat is pointing listeners to the wonders of Christ!”

“‘We Three Kings,’ with a beat!” exclaims Dan Gilliland, Owner, KHLL 100.9FM, West Monroe, LA. “Love the use of drums. It’s a great remake of a traditional song for the Christmas season.”

Brian Tucker, Director of Christian Mix 106, echoes their sentiments, stating, “‘We Three Kings’ is a timeless classic. Empowered turns the volume up on it and gives it a rockin’ new twist!”

Wanting to point people to the wonder and majesty of Jesus Christ this Christmas season, “We Three Kings” has enabled the band to showcase God’s strength. 

“There is an absolute power in that three kings left their dominions and kingdoms in search of a Savior Child who had more royalty than they did–an eternal royalty,” says DiChiara. “We hope that this song touches the souls of those who hear it, and that they draw closer to the King of Kings.”  

That same desire to draw people closer to Christ was a formative component of the entire Three Days project, which was the band’s first release after DiChiara endured a life-altering injury that threatened to end his music ministry entirely. 

In October 2015, he suffered a fall that left him with a concussion and closed fracture of the skull base with subarachnoid, subdural, and extradural hemorrhage. This traumatic brain injury (TBI) could have easily taken his life or permanently incapacitated him.

“I absolutely remember nothing from the first month after my injury,” he says of his long, often winding road to recovery. “As I recovered, the injury did not affect my ability to make music. I was afraid I would lose that gifting. Instead, He has elevated that gift.”

DiChiara’s talent and determination did not go unnoticed. Mikey Howard first heard the band when they opened for 7eventh Time Down. “I was impressed by their passion for music and their craft,” says Howard, best known for “God is on the Move,” his band’s No. 1 radio single on Billboard’s Christian AC Indicator chart. 

“But more importantly, I loved their passion for Jesus!” Howard continues. “It was an honor to work with them on this project.”

The high caliber of the studio recording is reflected in the production quality of the music videos. “Three Days” was filmed by Richy Long and Gary Governale of LA Post Group in Baton Rouge, who also directed the shoot.

“When people see our videos, they might not realize all of the hard work and excellence that goes on behind the scenes, and that’s what we have learned to expect from Richy Long and Gary Governale from LA Post group with each video shoot that they do. They help elevate our message by using the talents God has given them.”

That commitment to excellence is making an impact on Christian radio around the country, with many industry insiders taking note of the band’s fresh sound and relevant messaging.

“Empowered has a high-quality original sound that resonates with the young, old, and every soul in between,” says Shelby Lewis of Miracle 89.1 FM.

“The music is positive, high energy, and has an undeniable love for Jesus in it. The messages within really hit home,” says Brian Tucker of Christian Mix 106.

A living testament to the healing power of an all-mighty God, Benny DiChiara and Empowered are proof-positive that, while God’s plans are not always our plans, they are always higher and greater. 

Three Days—the project, the song, and the video—are multi-sensory reminders of a sovereign God who not even death can contain.

“Jesus took care of everything in just three days. And that includes you!” says DiChiara. “I hope that you will let others know what He has done for you in your life so that they may receive this precious gift as well. Eternity is ours if we just believe.”

Empowered is comprised of DiChiara (lead vocals and songwriting), Shane Madere Jr. (lead guitarist, backing vocalist, and co-leader), Jeff Maddox (bass and background vocals), Mic Capdeville (percussion and background vocals), and Justin Burdette (guitarist and background vocals).

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