Gopen Music’s debut inspirational worship album ‘Wellsprings of Renewal’ brings healing and restoration for the 2020 pandemic

Gopen Music’s instrumental worship album ‘Wellsprings of Renewal’ brings healing and restoration for the 2020 pandemic

Gopen Music, a dynamic Christian Worship ministry of Southern California couple Nathan and Geraldine Gopen, has released its debut album “Wellsprings of Renewal”. An instrumental collection of prayer inspired compositions, “Wellsprings” consists of 8 tracks ranging from contemplative, to upbeat and hopeful, sweeping and emotionally transforming movements.

“We believe inspirational worship music is a very powerful means of healing, prayer, and positive change,” says Nathan Gopen, composer and performer of the instrumental numbers on the album. “For us, it is not only a form of entertainment and enjoyment, but spiritual warfare as well. Music is a big part of our lives, and our daily spiritual discipline includes us singing and composing original worship music, as well as listening almost 24/7 to various spiritual CDs from some of our favorite artists. We hope our music will be as transformational for you, as it is for us.”

Early in 2020, the country and the world at large came under the grip of the pandemic and lockdowns that pulled the rug out from under the lives of many. As countless people began to despair and look for answers and hope, Nathan turned to the keyboard and began to seek answers through music. Making use of the layered modern hybrid sounds of worship keys combined with orchestral and cinematic synth instruments, Nathan created a rich and varied texture to suit the mood and inspiration of each track.

“Wellspring of Renewal” is currently available for download and physical CD orders at, and will be available on streaming sites in the coming weeks.

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SOURCE: Nathan Gopen