Review: Matthew Parker Leads We 3 Kings Into New Lands

Matthew Parker Leads We 3 Kings Into New Lands

Matthew Parker drops his new Christmas single We 3 Kings today. A year after releasing his first helping of Christmas music last year in the form of the Irwin’s Christmas Collection EP, Matthew seeks to serve up an equally fulfilling second course with his revitalised version of We 3 Kings.

We 3 Kings starts off with the oh so familiar lyrics of the traditional carol but the soundscape surrounding it is anything but traditional. Its moody and dark trap beat enticing you deeper into its world, the drum patterns snaring your hands to tap along on your thighs, the strings dancing merrily in and out of the new melodies and Matthew’s silky and celebratory vocals effortlessly unifying everyone to dance and sing as one. Matthew’s silkiness doesn’t just stop with his vocals though, the silky touch he applies to his production is simply exquisite and ties everything together with a nice super crisp bow.

Matthew has really shaken We 3 Kings up but he’s done it with so much finesse that everything comes together to fall gracefully back into place, akin to a treasured family snow globe bringing joy to kids at Christmas.

Christmas music isn’t really my thing but add just a dash(er) of Matthew Parker and it instantly transforms it into a whole new animal. It’s suddenly vibrant and bright, warm and comforting and has a solid beat to it, turning all of us into a brilliant dancer. There’s just something magical about the sauce Matthew adds to his musical recipes and maybe, just maybe, he’ll share his secret ingredient with us all one day.

The new Christmas single from Matthew Parker (We 3 Kings) is Gold and will leave you wanting Myrrh! You won’t need a receipt for this Christmas gift…

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PS. If you can fit Frankincense into that penultimate sentence (in a clean way), let me know and I’ll love you forever!

PPS. I hid three reindeers in this review…if you spot them comet with them below.

Update: You can watch Matthew read this review out and play the game on his insta live last night at 34:25 below.