Audio: VERIDIA - Crushed Velvet

Audio: VERIDIA – Crushed Velvet

VERIDIA released their new single Crushed Velvet last Friday and as a result of your votes in our Twitter poll it’s our Spotlight Audio on our home page this week.

Following on from the recent singles Blood Diamond and Light It Up, Crushed Velvet sees Deena’s velvety tones seeks to provide comfort to those feeling crushed.

Deena shared on the band’s Facebook page, “The process of making crushed velvet is intense. It literally has to be damaged in order to become something beautiful… Threads are woven and cut multiple times to create one of the softest, most luxurious fabrics sought after. Every thread and cut represents our wounds… They are woven into our stories, but they don’t define us. How we respond to our experiences shape who we become – seeing beauty instead of damage in our scars. We can become an invaluable friend, sensitive, empathetic, compassionate to those that have endured similar or even harsher adversities.

This song was written in honor of my uncle, who suffered a brain injury and after multiple traumas attempted to end his life through suicide by cop… He was shot, permanently injured, and incarcerated with a 16-year sentence, instead of being given access to mental health rehabilitation. An entire system can be so afraid of what they don’t understand or haven’t experienced, that compassion is forgotten.
Pessimism, depression, anger are all signs that something is going on underneath… You never know what someone is going through unless you ask and intently listen non-judgmentally. Empathy is a skill, towards others and ourselves. It’s an ongoing learning process, but necessary for healing and in some cases, life-saving.
I’ve personally dealt with anxiety, depression, PTSD, PPD (chronic physical pain caused by mental/emotion trauma), and a stress-related disease called Addison’s for most of my life. It’s not something I talk about often, but, I am learning that the more we speak of our wounds, the less alone we all feel. I’ve spent most of this year healing, seeing therapists, psychiatrists, doctors… facing fears, learning to be self-compassionate, more mindful, empathetic, grateful for every moment.

There is no shame or weakness in asking for help when it’s too much to bear. It’s actually the bravest thing you can do, and you will be surprised at how strong you really are, maybe even strong enough to remind someone else of their worth. You are beautiful and valuable, please believe it.”

Deena also wrote, “Anxiety, depression, mental illness, abuse/bullying victim, suicidal thoughts… If that’s you or someone you love, as isolating as those things feel, you’re not alone. I want this song to be a part of the narrative change, to de-stigmatize and emphasize the importance of mental/emotional health.” in an earlier post about the song.

Get Crushed Velvet here

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