Jo's Devotions: About my blood donor…

Jo’s Devotions: About my blood donor…

I’ve a confession to make: As much as I think it’s noble to donate blood, I’ve never gathered enough courage to do it. What if they nick an artery? Would I pass out? What if…what if… I know most of my fears may be unfounded but so far, I haven’t mustered the courage yet. Hopefully, someday.

By the grace of God, I’ve not been in any situation when I’ve needed a third party to donate blood or any organ to save my life. However, if I’m alive today, both physically and spiritually, it’s because of a great sacrifice made on my behalf way before I knew I needed it.

As everyone is born is a sinner, I arrived in this world, already spiritually dead. My parents and government may have provided opportunities for me to succeed, but ultimately, my soul was doomed if I thought I could navigate this life all by myself.

Thankfully, God had graciously made a provision for me through sacrificing his beloved Son Jesus on the cross of Calvary. By shedding His blood, my ransom from certain damnation was paid. But the interesting part is, I had to believe that Jesus gave up His life for me and accept Him as my Lord. It is only by inviting Him into my life by my own free will does the power of the sacrifice on the cross begin to take effect.

In our physical world, blood is only given to someone in a life or death situation. The unfortunate thing is, most people don’t realize the dire state of their souls and so refuse to accept the provision of eternal life made available for free.

And what happens when you are bleeding out and you don’t realize it or refuse to see it as such?  You are most likely not going to make it as it would be too late to be saved. That unfortunately could be the fate of many. For those who think this world is all there is to life, they strive to enjoy all the ‘pleasures’ there is before they supposedly disappear into oblivion after death. Little do they know eternity awaits us all and where we spend it depends on the choice we make today. Have you accepted the sacrifice made on your behalf? If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? Tomorrow might be too late!

Life lies in the blood and eternal life flows in the blood shed by the Son of God Himself. Apparent fun with dire consequences isn’t actually life worth living, is it? Choose life today. His blood continues to speak of grace, forgiveness and life everlasting. Jesus is my blood donor. His blood is potent enough to save us all.

© Josephine Amoako 2020