Video: iTruth - The Ultimate Sacrifice

Video: iTruth – The Ultimate Sacrifice

The video from Make Jesus Known tells a generational war story that was passed down to reiterate the bravery, integrity and courage by all those who fought in the war and are serving in the armed forces today. The video uses this family tale to be able to illustrate Jesus death in a really simple and relevant style. 

The video was inspired to celebrate veterans and all those still serving in the armed forces who on a daily basis risk their lives so civilians can live freely. Reinforcing the immense grit and fearlessness it takes to lay down your life in combat for the sake of others, just as Jesus did – for each and every one of us to be able to get access to God forever.

Through the content, they want to share in the remembrance of our true heroes, especially at this current time when events and memorial services cannot be held; whilst being able to share what it means to have a relationship with Jesus. 

Tim Cooke, CEO of MJK said, “We wanted to be able to share in this time of remembrance, as we all celebrate the strength and bravery of our veterans and the fallen soldiers. Our aim is to share with others as much as we can and under the current circumstances where people are obviously unable to attend memorial/ remembrance services it seemed a great moment to be able to reach people online and bring a simple message for others to be able to be a part of at home.”

 MJK constantly strives to bring encouragement and the message of Jesus to others through their social platforms, iTruth app and YouTube channel, wherever a person is at on their own journey of faith.

Forever Lost, Forever Changed, We Care, so we Remember

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