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Carmen Justice Reintroduces Herself

If you’re not familiar with who Carmen Justice is or her career path and story, she recently reintroduced herself via an instagram post. The post can be seen below.

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Hi I’m Carmen.?? I have a lot of new followers that may not even know who I am or why they’re following me so let me introduce myself (this is way overdue, probably haven’t done this in years): I was born and raised in the Nashville area (Hendersonville to be exact). I grew up hip hop dancing (did ballet too but honestly hated it?) and was on my high school’s competitive hip hop dance team where we won the UDA Nationals in 2005 and was on ESPN…my dance claim to fame haha. Fast forward to 2009, after pretty much quitting dance completely to focus on music, I graduated high school and went to Belmont University to study music. I was an overachiever and made my way to become the President of the Deans Advisory Counsel of the School of music buttttt then summer of 2012 I auditioned and made the girl group @1gnofficial and dropped out of college summer of 2012 (the Dean was pissedddd at me?). We got signed to Provident Label Group and made 2 full albums, a Christmas EP, got nominated for a Dove Award, toured all around the US and Canada, played festivals, got songs on the radio, went through a legal battle w previous owner/manager (longest story so I’ll save you the gross details but we all owe our careers to our badass lawyer), got dropped again in 2017 after our second album didn’t do so hot which is when we all decided to part ways. In the middle of that whole crazy season, I got married to @mattbhadley who is the best human in the world. In 2017 I started the journey to figure out who I was as a solo artist and put out 2 EPs over the next 2 years and did some touring here and there. In 2018 I kinda hit rock bottom as an artist— literally spent every penny (and then some) of our money to create the music I wanted to make, and after I finished my shows for that year I kinda debated throwing in the towel. Somehow, bc God is just really good like this, I didn’t give up. I found my way into the tv and film world which is where I actually started to remember that I’m a good songwriter, and have started bands with some of my favorite producers. I’ve had songs on @mtv @abcnetwork and just landed a @gatorade spot this year. (continued in comments)

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She continued in the comments, “I’ve worked jobs like Starbucks and @wellcoffeehouse to get me by and so many odds and ends jobs I can’t even remember. I’ve always believed in what I do when it seemed like nobody else would.

When I think of the platform I’ve been given, it’s honestly a little intimidating to me. I’m honestly honored that even 5 of you would listen to what I have to say or follow what I do day to day. I’m just a girl who is kinda obsessed w @traderjoes and cuddling with my cat @simbathekoolkat. I am a Christian, and my faith is the most important thing to me, but I am all about LOVE even when some of you don’t believe the same way I do. I love working out and good healthy food. I love cooking, and def have a sweet tooth. My family and friends are priorities above pretty much everything.

Anything ya wanna know just know you can always ask me?”

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