Rock News Roundup 32

Rock News Roundup 32

Hey rockers! Are you ready take a look to see what exciting news we have for this week’s rock roundup? Then here we go!

This week we will start off with The Protest. The Protest’s new single “Greater” comes out tomorrow, October 30th. The video below is TJ of The Protest giving insight into the song. It sounds like it’s going to be a fantastic song! You can pre-save it here.

Matt Baird from Spoken has a few solo acoustic show dates coming up in UT, CA, and AZ. Take a look here for more info!

Emerald Escape is releasing a new single tomorrow called “Saved the Day”. Chris George is the lead singer of the band while his wife Lori Peters (formerly of Skillet) is their drummer. Chris wrote the song “Saved the Day” while he was watching Lori fight cancer in the hospital. Read their post about it here and you can pre-save the song here.

The Letter Black announced that one of their guest vocalists on their new album will be Trevor McNevan of Thousand Foot Krutch. This is exciting news and we cannot wait to hear how it turns out! See the post here.

Nine Lashes’ new song “Follow” came out today! Nine Lashes has been on fire with each new song they have released and this one is on par with that. The lyrics remind us that doing things alone will always be painful, but if you choose to follow God, He will lead you away from the hurt and towards home.

And to end this week’s roundup we have Amongst Wolves. Amongst Wolves released a new video today. The title “We Broke 100 World Records” is all you need to know. Pull up a chair, click the video, and get ready to laugh at some of their shenanigans. I know I did!  

That is all for this roundup, I pray you all have a great rest of your week. Tune in next week to find out more news in the rock world!