DaeShawn Forrest Releases Internalized Emotions On Brand New Album “Transparent”

DaeShawn Forrest Releases Internalized Emotions On Brand New Album “Transparent”

After going through a season riddled with heartbreak, stress, and anxiety new Bay Area artist, DaeShawn Forrest, releases a plethora of suppressed emotions on his brand new album titled “Transparent”. The project features his latest two singles, “Fold” & “Naive”, which both highlighted the emotional and mental conflict that the artist dealt with, as well as, some of the poor decisions he had made along the way.

“I decided to call it “Transparent” because all of the music came from a place that I normally keep to myself”, says DaeShawn. “I love the music. Yet at the same time, because I’ll never forget the mental and emotional state that I was in, it’s very hard for me to listen back on it and enjoy it. I recall being so stressed out that I was literally losing hair and fighting off anxiety attacks. It was God, and God alone, who made things better for me.”, states DaeShawn as he further described the heart of the project.

“Transparent”, produced mostly by DaeShawn Forrest himself, is available now on all outlets.

Transparent track listing:

  • Amateur
  • Steam
  • Consistent
  • Here to Stay
  • Fold
  • Loose Ends
  • Trivial
  • Old Block
  • Naive
  • What It Is

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SOURCE: Transparency LLC