Proxy addresses crises on "Wasteland"

Proxy addresses crises on “Wasteland”

This is the second single off of Proxy’s forthcoming album: Black Magic… the story of an unexplained resilience. Everywhere we turn, we face crises. It seems like a never-ending wasteland. It feels like the perfect storm, but why? This may be just what we need. We must know what’s really wrong in order to make things right. We must truly understand suffering to appreciate victory. The pain we are feeling is the result of centuries of oppressive policy, hollow morals, and systemic injustice. Elijah McClain represents a light sent to our world to help us find our way. His light was taken and as tragic as his death was, it still may not have been enough to get our full attention. COVID, economic crash, and racial injustice together all point to one thing: a need for real change. God is not only the Creator of life, He is also the Restorer of life. Ezekiel 37 – it’s time to live again.

Directed by Michael Tellez (Dreamersday Productions)

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