Between You & Me: One Church Music on using music to unite us

In the past year the church has become divided over politics, race and a global pandemic. But it won’t continue on the watch of One Church Music. On this week’s episode of Between You & Me, Jess speaks to the the musical expression of One Church in Columbus Ohio.

We hear how the band responded when they realized they didn’t fully reflect the diversity of the Kingdom of God. And, they tell us why they are committed to embracing people, cultures and sounds beyond the white worship norm.

Tune in to hear Jess chat to music director Kristi Poole, and campus worship leaders Calla Domine and Blaze Johnson about their new single, “The Answer Is Jesus” and how to identify authentic diversity.

This is an episode full of hope, truth and fun – there’s still some good left in 2020, and we’re gonna find it. Listen now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and IHeartRadio!

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