Video: iTruth - Overwhelmed?

Video: iTruth – Overwhelmed?

Make Jesus Known has released a brand new video called Overwhelmed. The video was inspired by the hard times lots of people are currently facing through the pandemic. 

The video uses a story from the Bible to illustrate the struggle of being caught in a storm and makes that relatable for others to be able to apply it to their lives. No one likes to feel fear and panic especially when in a desperate situation but this video brings the message that you can find peace and calm in the midst of despair and chaos. 

Tim Cooke, CEO of MJK said, “We wanted to acknowledge that lots of people are going through a hard time whether that be because of a specific situation or from the effects of the pandemic – whatever it is someone might be going through they don’t have to do it alone. We hope everyone can relate to the video, we are all going through the storm just not necessarily in the same transport and that can be the difference between someone sinking or staying afloat. We hope the content encourages, inspires and challenges people to put faith over fear.

“We have seen an influx of people getting in touch suffering with mental health issues via our social media platforms. A message, a video or an email can sometimes be the difference between someone ending their life or holding on for another day. We hope that by releasing this video it might bring some light to others when they feel surrounded by darkness.  

MJK constantly strives to bring encouragement and the message of Jesus to others through their social platforms, iTruth app and YouTube channel, wherever a person is at on their own journey of faith.


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