Quick News 19 - Art

Quick News 19 – Art

Datin & Marty of Social Club Misfits have created a 6 track EP together and put out a bounty for the cover art. Create the best cover art for ‘Who Do You Believe’ and you could win $200/have your art used for the EP. Contest ends 10/19.

Our EP is officially done and we want YOU to create our cover art. The best artwork will be picked as our EP cover art…

Posted by Datin on Monday, October 12, 2020

Following on from her latest piece of deeply meaningful art (The Letter), Alisa Turner will release The Window on the 16th. Get the Letter here.

THE LETTER is about Honesty.It’s a suicide letter that in its last moment decides a different ending for itself.If…

Posted by Alisa Turner on Monday, October 5, 2020

The Window. 10.16.20

Posted by Alisa Turner on Monday, October 12, 2020

We have to flag this bit of news up! Brooke Fraser’s Flags is available on Vinyl! Check out that art! We’re in!


Sadie Robertson and Live Original are turning their hands to art and have started a worship band…called LO Worship. We see what they did there! There will be music from them soon…

ANNOUNCEMENT: WE HAVE STARTED A WORSHIP BAND!!! Meet LO Worship! A band of friends that strives to write lyrics and…

Posted by Sadie Robertson on Wednesday, October 7, 2020

There’s a cool new project out now from various artists and producers, including MSCMKRS, Quinten Coblentz, J Steph and many others. And if that art doesn’t catch your eye, nothing will!

Illuminate recently released his most personal piece of art to date. You can get it here.

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? ? N O C A P ? ? Since this Released I’ve gotten over 200 DM’s & Messages of people that are going through the Same Struggle or Something Similar!! This just confirms that we ALL Struggle No Matter how mature, old, educated, wealthy, successful or the polar opposite of all these mentioned & we are ALL in Desperate Need of a Savior & Brothers & Sisters to Help Us through these struggles in this Journey we call LIFE!! Those of you I haven’t gotten a chance to respond to I’m doing my best & pls feel free to send me another message to remind me! “GOD > Addiction” ? Produced By: @vdalgarcia Grafix By: @reimageset Click the LINK in my BIO to Listen to “GOD > Addiction” if you haven’t already & Pls Share it with Everybody that Needs to hear it or someone that you know who knows someone that Needs to hear this Chain Breaking Song!! I just want people to be Set Free & for Hope to Rise in the Hearts of mankind cause we are living in some very dark times and we NEED HIS LIGHT By Any Means Necessary!! I could care less about the money so if you can’t afford it or can’t stream it it’ll be a FREE DOWNLOAD as soon as my new website that’s under construction is finished!! Until then I’ll get it emailed to you if you need it just message me & my team!! Y’all Be Encouraged and Call On JESUS & Keep Your Eyes On CHRIST Now More Than Ever cause these days are getting darker and time is getting shorter familia!! GOD Bless You in Yeshua’s Mighty Name!! ????? #FreedomMusic #TruthMusic #Illuminate #ITW #GODIsGreater #addiction #PTSD #CHH #Christian #ChristianRap #Rap #HipHop #Urban #Missionary #Saved #Delivered #Pills #Opiates #Opioids #OpioidCrisis #Heroin #Heroine #Oxy #Oxycontin #Oxycodone #Norco #Vicodin #Methadone #Recovery

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Triple O’s got an Audacious new piece of art out now in coordination with the UK based Light Music label.

Speaking of UK music, Presha J’s preparing on giving you a safari around the Concrete Jungle. All you’ve got to do is buy your tour tickets here.

Blake Whiteley & Clayton Jennings are trying to Change The World with their art. Join them by clicking here.

“Change The World” AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE!!-Click link below-https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/claytonjenningsandblakewhiteley/change-the-world

Posted by Blake Whiteley on Saturday, August 22, 2020

Thre – Traffic – Album – Out – Now – (new art)

Fight The Fade’s Zene Smith released his solo Wildflower album recently. Here’s a sample & if it’s the color you’d like to go with you can get it here.

Mike Sarge has some new art dropping in the Off Szn in 2 days time…

Our dude Randy Mason also has various new art pieces dropping soon

It’s been years since the last masterpiece from MercyMe was released into the world and the master painters have teased a new piece will be unveiled next year.

And on a light note to finish…is there a more elegant piece of art out there? Just wait for it…and then bam! Pure poetry in motion… (Watch the new LZ7 Won’t Run Out music video here)