JesusWired Welcomes New Contributor Sarah Burkhardt

JesusWired Welcomes New Contributor Sarah Burkhardt

We’re delighted to welcome Sarah Burkhardt to the JesusWired team of contributors. What she’ll be covering for us and her bio can be seen below.

What Sarah Will Be Covering:

Sarah will be writing reviews across a multitude of genres for us. Her first review of Audrey Assad’s Eden will be up later today so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Sarah’s Bio

Sarah has been an avid listener of Christian Music for about as long as she can remember. In sixth grade, she found Michael W. Smith’s first CD, Go West Young Man, hidden in a cabinet. Ever since then, she has continued the hobby of going to Christian concerts, reading Christian books, and keeping up with the music industry. As a recent college graduate, she works full time at a company that produces mailings for donor relations for non-profits including colleges and hospitals. Although she is not doing ministry work, she loves finding ways to be expressive with her passion for God. Some of her other passions include being outdoors, playing the violin, and journaling to keep her head on straight.

Why Sarah’s excited to join the team

I’m excited to be able to magnify the work of artists that brings listeners closer to seeing God’s beauty.

Welcome to the team Sarah!

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