Landry Cantrell Releases New Album Glasshouse

Landry Cantrell Releases New Album Glasshouse

Landry Cantrell releases his second studio LP Glasshouse today on DREAM Records.  It’s been a long journey to this point for the California native.  After signing to DREAM back in 2017, Cantrell released Projections which saw singles “Before You” and “Gravity” rise to the top 20 on Billboard National Audience chart.  Since 2019, Landry started releasing singles from the album that eventually lead up to an EP and now the full length.  Landry shares that journey and the heart behind his new album.

“Working on this album has been a therapeutic process for me, and can’t believe that I’m finally able to share it,”  shares Landry.  “From the first track to the last, my heart is in every line. Many of the lyrics on this album are autobiographical. In the title track ‘Glasshouse,’ I address what it was like growing up in a pastor’s home. “Like A Kid” talks about how at a young age I turned to songwriting as a way to talk to God about what I was going through. ‘REM’ shares details about falling in love and marrying my wife. Each track is a small personal snapshot of a bigger picture that points back to Jesus. God has shown me so much during this process, allowing me to dig deeper into my relationship with Him. I hope that when you are listening to this album you can take the journey of highs and lows along with me and see that in every circumstance God is always close and He is always faithful.”

Track listing:

1. Beyond
2. All That Matters
3. Close To Me
4. Weightless
5. Waiting On You
6. Passenger
7. Hunger
8. Speechless
9. Glasshouse
10. REM
11. Like A Kid
12. Temporary (feat. Kristen Hicks)

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