Rock News Roundup 28 - New Music: Ignescent Exodus ft. Jeremy Valentyne

Rock News Roundup 28

Welcome to Rock News Round 28!

You may or may not have heard that The Protest has been working on some stuff for the fans. Well, they just updated the fans saying they have new music “coming soon”! I can’t be the only one excitedly waiting to know when the album drop date is!

We have new music coming soon… How excited are you for new music??

Posted by The Protest on Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Kutless sat down to talk about their new heavy rock album they are in the middle of making. Josiah Prince, who is taking part in the process for making the album, makes a surprise appearance. We can’t wait to see future videos to give us sneak peaks into behind the scenes of the album making process!

Where we've been…

Hey everyone! Here's a quick glance into where we've been and what we've been up to with James Mead and Jon Micah Sumrall. We're so excited to keep sharing these projects and hope you keep following along for the journey!

Posted by Kutless on Monday, September 28, 2020

GFM shared their new music video for “Smile”. It is intense and in keeping with their beautycore style! The lyrics to the song, such as “You don’t know the way I’m feeling or the way I live my life. Don’t tell me to, don’t tell me to smile.” make it seem like it’s about how people judge things they don’t understand. In this instance unless you seem the right amount of happy on the outside, people will say you must be sad and in need of an attitude change. Check out the song and stick around for the end credit scene!

Skillet shared a post on Lori Peters, their former drummer. Lori Peters is a guest at a virtual drummathon on October 4th. Drummathon is a way for drummers to raise money to fight against breast cancer, and Lori is a breast cancer survivor herself! Check out for more info!

Proud of you, Lori ?? Details at

Posted by Skillet Music on Monday, September 28, 2020

Zahna shared a post about what her tattoo “It is Written. It Is Finished” means, and wow is it powerful! I couldn’t have said it any better myself, so check it out!

IT IS WRITTEN // IT IS FINISHEDIt is said that He is the Author and the Finisher of our faith. Although our tomorrow…

Posted by Zahna on Sunday, September 27, 2020

The Letter Black is asking for their fans to help name their new album! If you want to take part, go to their patreon here.

Veridia’s new song “Light It Up” is now out and it is very powerful! Take a listen and buy it now here!

New Single Out Now ? Light It Up

Our new single, “Light It Up,” is out now! Listen at“Revolution, it’s not just a moment.Light up all our demons,Need help and we know it.Come and be the voice of reason.If love was our currency, We would finally live in peace.”——————————————I’ve always wanted our music to positively resonate with everyone who listens, and I’ve never been very vocal about anything remotely political, mostly because I never want to impose my beliefs on others. But it’s not imposing when we work up the courage to tell our stories so that we can learn from one another, and I know this song will mean something different through everyone’s personal experience.This song runs deep for me on so many levels. And this year has given me more reason to be an advocate for reform, especially in the criminal justice system in the U.S., first for the communities of color that have been historically disenfranchised and also from personal experience that our officers are not always equipped to handle a number of common crises that could be diverted to unarmed officials (like non-violent distress calls, mental health and medical first responders).I have a dear Uncle who suffers from a traumatic brain injury… His mental disability was dismissed, and he was verbally and physically mistreated by law enforcement during a family medical crisis, which eventually lead to his “suicide by cop” attempt and resulted in a 16-year prison sentence, instead of being given access to mental health rehabilitation. My family has personally experienced great loss because of unnecessary use of force by officers and the lack of mental health education, support, and resources in our country.I have been inspired by so many pushing through tragedy in support of one another. That “light” within starts by taking the time to listen, empathize, and learn how we can relate to one another, and that spark becomes a flame of compassion, creating an environment where everyone can feel safe, seen, heard, and valued… I know we can get there. //D

Posted by VERIDIA on Thursday, September 24, 2020

Ignescent is premiering a lyric video for their new song “Exodus” tomorrow at 4:44 pm CST! Go here when the video drops! You can also pre-save the new song here!

Our new LYRIC VIDEO to "Exodus" by Ignescent PREMIERES October 2 at 4:44 pm CST Angel time along with the release….

Posted by Ignescent on Thursday, October 1, 2020

And that’s all for this week! Thanks for tuning in and see you next week!