Hostyle Gospel, 1K Phew, Joe Glass III channel Michael Jordan's Bulls on "June 98"

Hostyle Gospel, 1K Phew, Joe Glass III channel Michael Jordan’s Bulls on “June 98”

June 98 is a reference to the year of the final NBA Championship won by Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.  Inspiration for the song was found in a Michael Jordan quote that said “They can’t win unless we quit!” This quote was made in celebration of the Bulls’ second defeat of the Utah Jazz in June of 1998.  Such a profound statement also applies to our faith.  The only defeat we can experience is to give up.

Hostyle Gospel teams up with 1K Phew of Reach Records, and Joe Glass III, an upcoming indie artist to proclaim their victory as well as making note of the humility it takes to become a champion.  The group also notes adverse conditions and circumstances of life that we all experience, but in all that we go through we are still made champions through our faith in Christ.  Armed with this mindset Hostyle Gospel, 1K Phew, and Joe Glass III deliver another triumphant anthem for all those champions of the faith.

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