Reggae Icons CHRISTAFARI Release “The Blessing” Cover Featuring Global Cast from Every Corner of the World

Reggae Icons Christafari Release “The Blessing” Cover Featuring Global Cast from Every Corner of the World

Chart-topping Reggae pioneers CHRISTAFARI have released “The Blessing (Reggae Version) featuring The World” — a reggae cover of the worship hit from Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes and Elevation Worship, that swept the nation earlier this year and has inspired numerous cover versions around the globe. Unlike the other versions, CHRISTAFARI assembled a global cast of over 80 performers from all over the world, each recording their own vocal and video performances for inclusion in the new single and music video.

“In the 31-year history of Christafari, no project has been so extensive,” says Christafari’s founder and frontman, Mark Mohr. “But as you can see by this video that prominently features so many others – It’s not about us. This project included contributions from over 80 people including more than 50 singers and instrumentalists from every inhabited continent and numerous nations, islands, states, and territories!”

Mohr spent 23 days alone, selecting, comping, and editing the vocals from a multitude of takes and submissions. His goal was not to pick the most popular artists, but the most diverse. Adds Mohr, “We set out to release something that represented the world, not just our little corner of it.”

“We wanted musical genre and production to transcend the typical western uniform sound of worship that we are so used to hearing this song performed in,” explains Mohr. “The end result has East Indians singing over tablas and sitars, and Brazilians singing over a berimbau. It is a cultural cornucopia of sounds and languages.”

“I can’t remember such a polarizing time in recent history, so we decided to do a video that shows what connects us and can truly bring us together,” says Mohr. “With cancel culture at an all-time high, we believe that there is no better time to share this poignant message than now. As racial, social, political, and spiritual issues are instantly turning friends into enemies, we need to spread some love like an old school chain letter from one mailbox to the next to as many as possible.”

“We need to stop cursing and start blessing,” says Mohr. “We hope that this video will be a great way to begin this dialogue.”

CHRISTAFARI will resume touring this fall with the “Your House Tour”, with pandemic-friendly backyard party events planned throughout the United States including stops in Kansas, Missouri, California, and more. For booking information, email bo*****@ch*********.com.

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