Video: Johan Glidden - Giving Up on Heaven

Video: Johan Glidden – Giving Up on Heaven

Johan Glidden (founding member of Sugar and The Mint, the youngest band to win the Telluride Bluegrass Festival Contest) returns to his roots in the Americana style of John Mayer and Kacey Musgraves with his new single “Giving Up On Heaven.” An honest, yet hopeful picture of the experience of doubt and loss, it pairs sparkly and punchy production with raw, cutting lyrics.

This song, rooted in the experience of his deepest spiritual valley, is one Johan believes many people can relate to. “Giving Up on Heaven” was a song that just fought its way out of me one night,” Johan remembers. “It wasn’t particularly comfortable at the time but I needed to sing these words out loud. To pray them. So I walked out into the front yard and started conversing honestly with God. I felt, in those moments, like someone standing on the edge of complete despair, asking to be healed,” Johan says. While the lyrics take listeners through dark places that many Christians have been through, “Giving Up on Heaven” ultimately arrives at the Lord’s welcome mat. 

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